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A horse in feng shui - what it means and what it is used for

Now many people are interested in what feng shui is and how ancient science can influence the surrounding world. By making the space harmonious, and balancing the energy flows, you make constructive changes in your own life. Ordinary figurines, paintings, and panels can help in this - only they must be selected and placed carefully and thoughtfully. And one of the most powerful and effective talismans is the image of a horse. What is the meaning of this symbol and what it represents - our article will tell.  What is the meaning of this symbol and what it represents - our article, in partnership with company, will tell.

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What does the figure of a horse symbolize?

According to Feng Shui, the horse is one of the most powerful signs. This animal is the embodiment of bravery, glory, dexterity, perseverance, and willpower. A horse figurine has similar properties. It brings luck, joy, and love, allows you to achieve success in education, profession, or business, and contributes to the creation of the image of a prosperous, self-confident, and competent person.

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Symbols and talismans of Feng Shui:

Symbols and talismans of feng shui, which depicted a free and graceful horse, differ in their appearance, purpose and functions. Here are the main types of such products:

  • a festive horse (depicted on the rear) is an emblem of recognition, popularity, and victories won;
  • a winning figurine (an unsaddled animal in a gallop) represents your achievements, success, and superiority over competitors. Such amulets are often used at sports competitions, as well as when concluding important agreements;
  • a gift horse, loaded with bags of jewelry, or standing on a pile of coins - the embodiment of abundance, prosperity, and profit. The effect of such a charm is enhanced if it is carved from white stone or covered with white paint. And you can put a money napkin under it, activating material feng shui for the house.

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Where to place the figurine?

It is best to place the horse figurine in the Career or Money area of feng shui in the apartment. These sectors, responsible for luck and recognition in socially significant activities, are located on the southeast and south sides of any room.

It is very important to provide the talisman with good lighting. In addition, make sure that the figurine is not directed toward a window or door - so all the favorable energy will simply evaporate. You should not place a statue of a horse on its back in the bedroom - this will lead to problems with sleep - and also directly in front of or behind your workplace. Such placement can cause physical injuries, accidents, and illnesses.

But the desktop is an ideal place for such an accessory, especially if you often encounter competition, stress, and difficulties in communicating with the client. It will allow you to get rid of timidity, anxiety and fear of public speaking. Also, the amulet gives its owner enthusiasm, and creativity, inspires and motivation.

If you are interested in strengthening business ties or personal relationships, feng shui symbols depicting a pair of horses will be an indispensable help. They will make your communication more open and relaxed, and help you find understanding.

How to combine a horse figurine with other amulets?

According to Eastern teachings, not all interior items harmonize with each other. The wrong combination can lead to stagnation of energy and, as a result, to problems, quarrels, and diseases. So, what feng shui symbols and talismans will best complement a proud horse figurine?

By placing horse and monkey statuettes next to each other, you will ensure a quick promotion, and gain popularity and respect among colleagues. Such talismans are especially favorable for politicians, managers in large organizations, and military personnel.

A unicorn figure is just as effective. In Chinese tradition, this animal is depicted as a horse with a dragon's head. It is believed that she brings longevity, good luck at work in love affairs, prosperity, and abundance to all household members.

Our Yantar Polissya online store will help you buy unusual, stylish, and attractive statuettes of beautiful horses, hand-carved from natural precious stones. And let them bring you only positive changes!

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